Quick, random Thaumatrope test (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Ahahahah can’t stop laughing, genius! :,D

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yoooooo finally finished!

Luv it! ;)

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Here is my piece for the Magical Heroines group show at Q Pop. If you are in LA this Saturday, check it out!   

Ahahah oh my god these are super cute! *-* especially Sailor Jupiter <3

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Was inspired by the new promo art, and wanted to recreate one of the newer illustrations of Sailor Moon. I did trace a lot of this because I wanted to REALLY recreate it, but i also adjusted things to make it fit in more with the new anime style. Will probably add the logo later.

ENJOY! Link me if you use it :3

Love Sean!

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these redraws take up so much time
Oh well, worth the practice


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Here we are with Sailor Moon Crystal. 

I looove the style and the name it has, I really can’t wait to see the anime, the graphics and everything related. I already know it will probably looks like all the nowadays anime, but.. it’s SAILOR MOON MAN! Everything realated to SM is interesting and worth watching. :)

As we all know it’s a reboot, so no sixth season, but I’m so curious :3 <3

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Thers are some Aceo Cards/Kakao Cards from me (Ahnung)

I draw it with copics and pencils :3 The format is 8,9x6,4 cm

hope you like it >///<


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