¤~Sailor Moon Ep.64~¤

OMG I didn’t even remember this when Shingo plays the Sailor Moon game..

He looses. Because of Usagi calling. Priceless.



Learn how to make these Magically cute Luna P Ball cupcakes (and pipe frosting onto cupcakes!) in the newest episode of Sugar Hero!

well aren’t these just adorable.

fizzymelody - Sailor Jupiter, Yeah!

Using Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino-related songs and samples from the original Sailor Moon anime of the 90’s (such as Makoto’s Japanese image song “Anata No Sei Ja Nai” and “Rainy Day Man” from the DiC dub), this track creates a soundscape in waves of nostalgia in tribute to the Solider of Thunder and Courage.


Ultimate Fighting Senshi! by Henrique Jardim

Prints of Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus available starting now!


Sailor Venus: Agent of Love and Beauty


Sailor Venus: Agent of Love and Beauty

Hey! I really like your blog a lot. I am quite a moonie so I'm glad I came across it! Anyway, are these most recent posts from Sailor Moon Crystal? I haven't been able to watch it because, sadly, I don't have Hulu. The pictures are beautiful!

Hello :) Yes, you’re right, they’re from SMC. You can find the videos on YT or you can find torrents on the net ;)

Edit: also on CRUNCHYROLL .

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